Race and Ethnicity in Advertisement

Advertisements and propaganda are a huge part of our country’s history. When looking back at the propaganda used against wars, political candidates and certain groups of people, there are numerous ads that seem absurd, cruel and wrong. Most people use advertisements to sell a product and convince their targeted audience by portraying groups a certain way and make a point. In this post I want to focus on the video “Race and Ethnicity in Advertising”. The American Patriot was an advertisement targeting the american citizen. In this paper, rights of humans are discussed as well as who is and who isn’t accepted in America at this time. The so-called “foreigners” are discussed as being a burden to the country and are seen as a cause of “collisions with other nations”. This paper also makes it very clear what American should be in favor of and opposed to. Most of the topics in the “in favor of” section are means of protection to U.S citizens while the opposing column discusses the aggression towards Roman Chatholics, opposition to foreigners holding office, and other discrimination towards those who make america diverse. Looking at this paper really shocked me. Especially in today’s political climate it makes you wonder if our country has really made any progress at all. The obvious goal of this paper was to discriminate against any and all other races, ethnicities and religions other than what the norm was preferred to be at that time. Much like the American Patriot, advertisements were created such as “Chlorinol” and “Elliots White Veneer”. These products were sold in association with whites and the belief that by buying that certain product, you would be keeping America white therefore making a good decision. While these advertisements are vintage and very old, these problems are still prevalent in our society today. We have to get out of the vertical system of hierarchy we live in and accept people for who they are. Race and ethnicity are not factors people can control and by using racial slurs or biased advertisements we are forcing the idea in their head that they are not good enough based on something they are born with. Discrimination comes out of fear and jealousy and it’s sad to see how our country has come to this point.