Order of the World

Everything is created out of order. All living and nonliving things have a category they belong to. What I find extremely interesting about these first three chapters of Genesis are the separations in which everything takes place. I have never dove into the meaning behind these chapters but examining the specific days for each creation is fascinating. Man was created last after the rest of the world, but we were created to rule over everything that came in the days before us. Similar to this, Man was created before Woman but both male and female made decisions that changed their future equally. I don’t really see one being superior to the other. Yes, women were created from man but the woman was the missing piece of the man’s life. I think the serpent is another interesting character here. In church I was always taught that this was the devil, I never thought about how different versions could mean different things for this character or that “the devil” can mean many things other than a physical snake such as emotions or fears. These chapters are the foundation of order of our world and correlate similarly to the way we organize and separate things today.