Logical Why

There’s a hierarchy for every type of being on this earth. The problem I see with this is that we are all individuals with our own thoughts and opinions so how can we categorize what is right and what is wrong?  The quote by William James, “The first thing the intellect does with an object is to class it along with something else” describes exactly how we think differently and categorize differently depending on our individuality. Realists and Nominalists cannot possibly agree on the origin and purpose of all things. So will anything in our world ever really make sense to us all? Aristotle’s logic style puts things in perspective when describing one specific animal or thing, like the wombat was used in the lecture. To me, this layout helps make sense of what the topic is, much like a taxology chart, it is straightforward. Things get confusing and complicated when our view cannot be as easily understood. This is how I see typology coming into play. There is no one answer to how we can view the things we base on similarities. One thing might seem similar to me while someone else wouldn’t agree. This idea is also very present to me when discussing “monsters” in the third video. Some of the pictures shown as examples of monsters were very grotesque to me while others I found to be interesting and unique, not something I would consider to be a monster. This idea is hard to comprehend. It’s hard to accept that there will never be unifying views among everyone, assumptions will always be made.