In my opinion, disgust is not something that can typically be categorized overall. I believe that every person has their own views and reasoning of what is disgusting to them and this depends on many factors including their culture, surroundings, and upbringing. As discussed in the lecture videos, morality is also a huge part of this debate. We have seen morality come up in discussions of race and ethnicity, and the idea of what is right and what is wrong ties into disgust as well. People all over the world are eating different foods that they believe are “normal” while others might view them to be completely out of the question in their diet. An example of this would be eating sheep heads in Iceland and bat fetuses in Asia which I could never image consuming. On the contrary, other cultures view root beer to be disgusting which is funny to me because I absolutely love this drink. What stood out to me the most in this unit was the 7 foci of Disgust. This portion of the lecture really got me thinking about what we consider to be disgusting aside from the conversations of food. I think one thing that increases our feelings of disgust is fear. We have tied fear into several units so far, but I think it is a crucial component of disgust. If we are feeling iffy about someone’s hygiene, sexual orientation, or atypical appearances, chances are we are simply uneasy about their differences. Disgust becomes more real to me when I have to physically see the act/image or visualize it in my head. For instance, I was not as taken aback by the skeletons being eaten by wild birds as I was by the image of flesh pulling. This is because as I was looking at this picture, I was visualizing a live person feeling the pain of hooks pulling on their skin as they levitate above ground, sending chills through my body. I am not someone who is particularly fascinated by blisters and pimple popping but as Dr. Maguire states in her lecture, there are many people who are. This is yet another example of how small differences in a person define what they believe to be disgusting.