Author: meghanlinder

What is Time?

“…we understand it when we speak of it; we understand it also when we hear another speak of it.” (On Time, from Augustine’s Confessions).  We all have a universal understanding of what time is, yet when asked to describe this idea, my mind struggles to find the right words. I think the only way to […]


In my opinion, disgust is not something that can typically be categorized overall. I believe that every person has their own views and reasoning of what is disgusting to them and this depends on many factors including their culture, surroundings, and upbringing. As discussed in the lecture videos, morality is also a huge part of […]

What is Humor?

Learning that humor can arise from joy, sadness, jealousy, and the understanding of differences, I came to feel very intrigued by individuals’ senses of humor. Similar to speaking on general terms, the way we talk can dictate the meaning and mood of our phrases. This idea of HOW we speak and what we understand ties […]

What is Mental Illness?

According to Peter Zacher in his article titled “Psychiatric disorders: natural kinds made by the world or practical kinds made by us?” children begin to develop assumptions about category membership in preschool. Although this fact is not surprising to me, it is a scary thought, especially when discussing mental illness and the terminology used to […]

Race and Ethnicity in Advertisement

Advertisements and propaganda are a huge part of our country’s history. When looking back at the propaganda used against wars, political candidates and certain groups of people, there are numerous ads that seem absurd, cruel and wrong. Most people use advertisements to sell a product and convince their targeted audience by portraying groups a certain […]

Who Are You Really?

For this week’s blog post I want to focus on the readings by Charles Mills. He goes in depth talking about race and categorization of society bringing up the question “But who are you really?” quite often. In a perfect world race would be irrelevant. We would live in a society amongst other people without […]

Logical Why

There’s a hierarchy for every type of being on this earth. The problem I see with this is that we are all individuals with our own thoughts and opinions so how can we categorize what is right and what is wrong?  The quote by William James, “The first thing the intellect does with an object […]

Order of the World

Everything is created out of order. All living and nonliving things have a category they belong to. What I find extremely interesting about these first three chapters of Genesis are the separations in which everything takes place. I have never dove into the meaning behind these chapters but examining the specific days for each creation […]

Defining Religion

Religion can be a sensitive topic for a lot of people. We all have our own definitions of what we see religion to be or what we think it should entail. As reviewed in the video “What is Religion” by ReligionForBreakfast on YouTube, religion is a subjective term. What makes us differentiate between definitions and […]

Mental Walls

Humans build walls to separate us from people that we feel are different or less than us in some way. Johnny Harris’ Border series discusses the differences between Haiti and the Dominican Republic and what the reason for that separation is. While this separation dates back to the 1700’s and original political systems, it is […]